A Remarkable Thing Happened At That Chamber Luncheon

Do You Glow?

I was the first one in the room.

As the members started to trickle into the venue, many friendly faces came forward to tell me that they were looking forward to my presentation about Super Bowl commercials. Hot Marketing Tips subscribers know that I write annually on this content because there are many valuable lessons to learn from them. While I love speaking to groups of decision makers, I don’t get to do it as often as I would like.

Then something remarkable happened. One of those friendly faces said, “I look forward to this speech every year.”

A slip of the tongue, I thought. Maybe a bit of exaggeration. But it wasn’t five minutes later, a second friendly face said the same thing…“I look forward to this speech every year.”

Drew Dinkelacker with Michelle Moody, Publisher of West Chester – Liberty Lifestyle

Here’s the remarkable part. I haven’t spoken at this chamber luncheon on Super Bowl commercials in four years. I shared this experience with Michelle Moody, publisher of West Chester & Liberty Lifestyle, and she said it was “the glow.”

As Michelle and I spoke, we defined “the glow” as the ripple effect caused by all of your promotional connections in the marketplace. That ripple effect gave me a more frequent presence in people’s mind than reality.

Here is the actual timeline of reality:

  • Every year, since 2012, I’ve written about Super Bowl commercials via Hot Marketing Tips
  • Spoke in February 2014 at this chamber about Super Bowl commercials
  • Spoke again in February 2016 about the Power of 80-20, where we had a magical shoe moment that those in attendance won’t forget
  • Spoke in February 2018 about Super Bowl commercials… four years since the last Super Bowl speech

These intentional activities plus the hubbub that surrounds Super Bowl commercials all helped to form a glow around this year’s speech.

Here are the lessons for business owners and marketers…

  • Use multiple channels to deliver your message (email, blog and speaking) – the glow is greater than the sum of its parts!
  • Public speaking is a powerful and memory-making opportunity if you can do it well.

I shared a special moment at that speech in February, by announcing the launch of Marketing Accelerator University – an online, on-demand platform that teaches the principles that I’ve used with my private clients for years. At the chamber event, we also enrolled our first student!

Marketing Accelerator University launches March 15 with its debut course “Building Your Marketing Flywheel.” There is a very generous pre-launch promotion happening for everyone who enrolls before March 14. Check it out.

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