Who We Are

Who is the Marketing Accelerator™?

The MARKETING ACCELERATOR™ is Drew Dinkelacker…business owner, son of a business owner, team leader, speaker, author, gardener, cook and coffee fanatic.

For over a decade, he has successfully guided business owners and executive teams through the minefield known as “the marketplace.”  His insights and recommendations have been key factors for growing businesses throughout the Midwest.

Discovering the Solution

After three decades of marketing and communicating, Drew recognized the common problems that consistently tripped up business owners.  His solution was to pen the MARKETING ACCELERATOR™ process in workbook fashion.  Documenting this proprietary process produced volumes of content for future speeches, Hot Marketing Tips, advertising focused round tables and the POWER MESSAGE Course.

At the Podium

A regular speaker to business groups and a favorite Master of Ceremonies for events, Drew’s dynamic presentation style and ability to make the obscure obvious, consistently delights and engages his audience.

A Career Designed for Communication

From producing and directing video programs from Hawaii to Ukraine and working both sides of marketing and sales in corporate America, Drew Dinkelacker has been crafting messages and strategies for over 30 years.

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