Accelerator Principles

Have you experienced lackluster advertising results?

The philosophy behind the Marketing Accelerator™ is the flywheel concept that Jim Collins explains in his book Good to Great.  His belief is that your business should be structured as a flywheel that gains momentum with each rotation.  My belief is that your marketing effort should also be structured as a flywheel in order to generate velocity to profit.

Marketing Accelerator FlywheelThere are six key elements of the Marketing Accelerator™ Flywheel:

  1. Connections – advertising, tactics, collateral materials, sales team, any tactic that connects with the prospect or customer
  2. Message – the story that is being delivered by your connections, more than just words
  3. Tribe – your target market, prospects, and customers which will ultimately form your tribe which is loyal and profitable
  4. Deliverables – your physical product or service and all other deliverables or experiences
  5. Strategy including lead generation, prospect conversion and customer re-engagement
  6. Brand – Who you are, your core values, mission, vision, the owner’s true passions

These key elements are all centered on accomplishing one goal:

  • What are you looking to achieve in the next twelve months?
  • How will success or failure be judged?

Building an effective marketing flywheel requires that all six phases be evaluated, researched, refined and aligned.

  • When one element is out of alignment, the return on the marketing investment is compromised.
  • When two or more elements are out of alignment, advertising can become an expense rather than an investment.
  • When all six elements are in alignment, the return on the marketing investment is maximized.

Marketing Accelerator™ Creates Velocity to Profit

The Marketing Accelerator™ process is not direct mail, social media, websites, radio or TV. We do not sell any of these tactics. The Marketing Accelerator™ is a process that uncovers the best combination of these tactics to build a marketing engine and strategy that is designed to attract and retain profitable customers.

Through a series of assessments and development sessions, the Marketing Accelerator™ reveals insights about your best prospects. This proven process aligns your brand, your tribe, your message and your tactics through series of strategies designed to generate leads, convert prospects and re-engage customers.

Simply stated, the Marketing Accelerator™ generates velocity to profit.

Overview of Accelerator

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