Are You an Embarrassment to Your Referral Network?

Or Are You Referral READY?

Amateurs Wish for Referrals

If you are not referral ready”, it is like running on a treadmill.  You can work up a good sweat, get exhausted, but you still end up not going anywhere.  Failure of referral volume can be an indicator that you do not present yourself/product/service in a professional manner either in person or on your website.

This Happened To Me…Twice!

Two times I referred my clients to a business in my network.  Both times, I knew that this was a great fit for both my client and the business I was referring to.  Both times, my client did not see what I knew to be true about the company/person I was referring.  They simply were not “referral ready”.  This experience undermined my credibility with my clients (ouch), was a loss of revenue to the referral business (double ouch) and causes me to hesitate about referring again in the future (loss of future revenue – triple ouch).

Marketing Truth

If your product/service is a good value but your representation to the market is weak, then you are offering a weak product and your referrals will suffer.

Find Out The Truth – Are You Referral Ready?

1. TEST your 30 second commercial on three different people who don’t know you or your company. Then ask them if they understand what you offer your customers.  (Yes is good, No is bad.) Then ask them to tell you what you do in their own words.(If they can do it, that is good, if not then that’s bad.)

2. EVALUATE the testimonials about your product/service in your marketing materials and specifically your website? Are the testimonials simply warm and fuzzy or value-oriented?

  • Warm and fuzzy example: “Joe’s a nice guy, did good work.” This is very subjective and weak.
  • Value-oriented example:  “Joe understood what I was trying to accomplished, explained the process to me and then delivered the service with exceptional quality at a price that really surprised me!” This is a facts based statement and packs a punch to the prospect.

3. OFFER resources of value that demonstrates your expertise, saves the prospect time or is generally great information that is available with NO STRINGS ATTACHED (prospect stays anonymous).

Examples of Resources of Value

Need help with your message? Collecting quality testimonials? Developing resources of value?  Call Teakwood Marketing.  We’ve got a process for each of those issues and we’ll get it done fast!


Are you ready for some Football (Commercials)?

The Super Bowl is coming up on February 6, 2011.   This is the #1 advertising event for 2011 and my favorite day for watching commercials.  Read about my 5 Steps for Judging Super Bowl Commercials from the Jan 2010 edition of Hot Marketing Tips and get ready to vote for your favorites.  I will be looking for your feedback after the big game!

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