Are You Ready for Some Football (Commercials)?

Super Bowl 50 Fast Approaching

Super Bowl 50 is fast approaching. It will be a battle of titans that has required years of preparation, hardship and discipline. Of course, I am talking about the Super Bowl Commercials that will air on February 8 from 6:30 to 10 pm. I’ve heard rumors that there is some football game being played between the commercials for entertainment.

This event is a massive laboratory of trending tactics, lessons to be learned and a tactical plan on how to execute. A 30-second commercial costs $5,000,000 dollars. But you don’t need anywhere near that kind of budget to gain business wisdom from this marketing incubator of ideas.

superbow-50Quick Trivia about Super Bowl 50

  • It is the first Super Bowl that will not use Roman Numerals as they opted for Super Bowl 50 instead of Super Bowl L. Probably a good choice.
  • The cost increase for a 30-second spot from $4.4M to $5M is 14%. Has the cost of a commercial peaked when compared to its value? Clearly not yet, as there are no vacancies.
  • In past years, companies did a lot of pre-releasing of spots to start their campaigns well in advance of the game. This year, there has been very little pre-releasing so far.

Lessons from 2015 – Predictions for 2016

Stay Away from the NegativeNationwide’s “Dead Kid” commercial was a major bummer in the midst of the family oriented parties surrounding the game. Let’s face it, the Super Bowl is escapist entertainment (and so are the commercials). Any true reality (possible death of a child) simply bursts that bubble and is not appreciated at the moment. Nationwide took a major hit to their image. They might be “on your side,” but at the 2015 Super Bowl, they were clearly a party pooper.

Upbeat and Fun…Not So EmotionalBudweiser has consistently pulled at the heart strings of viewers and last year leveraged an innocent puppy, threatening wolves and Clydesdales to the rescue in a highly emotional 60 seconds. Viewers are becoming a bit tired of the deeply emotional spots…after all, it is just Budweiser or a Toyota.

More Movement Messages – 2015’s “Like a Girl” spot was a continuation of P&G’s and Dove’s woman-focused spots adding fuel to a movement about the value of mom, women, and girls instead of the typical eye-candy you see in beer commercials. On that note, GoDaddy is not pursuing any sleazy spots this year. Woo-hoo!

How I Watch Super Bowl Commercials

It may sound cold, but I really don’t care what spot was your favorite. I am on the search for marketing gold, not a popularity contest. Here are my 4 Rules for Watching Super Bowl Commercials:

  1. After watching the complete commercial break, ask yourself, “Which spot was most memorable? Why?
  2. Did any spot silence the party crowd and attract everyone’s attention? If so, that’s a good sign. Or did the reverse happen and the spot got the attention but didn’t hold on to it or, worse, no one watched, no one cared?
  3. Did any spot change my opinion (for better or worse) about the brand?
  4. Were there any spots that I simply didn’t get? If I don’t get the spot then chances are I wasn’t the target market (50+, male, Caucasian, professional). Ask someone around you of a different generation if they got the spot.


My Game Prediction

While I will be rooting for the AFC Champion Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning, I think the Panthers will win by 10 at 24-14

Super Bowl Party Snack

We often take pineapple. It’s sweet but not over the top sugary. Kids love it. It’s a nice balance to all of the fat and salt appetizers. It always gets completely eaten. We never go home with any.

May the Best Commercial Win!
Drew Dinkelacker



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