Blogging = Valentine’s Card

You Can’t Fake Passion

Twenty-seven years of marriage have taught me a few things.  I’ve learned that for Valentine’s Day, I can spend all kinds of money on a nice card, candy, flowers and dinner, but it’s the personal note that I write on the inside left panel of the card that means the most to my wife.  She is attracted to authentic communication and passion…and you can’t fake passion.

That’s the lesson for anyone considering a business blog…You can’t fake passion.

Blogging Generates Results

There are a lot of good reasons to blog.  Consider these stats from a recent HubSpot publication:

  • Companies that blog have 55% more web visitors
  • B2C companies that blog generate 88% more leads per month than those who do not
  • B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads per month than those who do not

Blogging articles have proven to be influential on prospects’ behavior:

  • 21% – Decide on a product or service
  • 19% – Refine choices
  • 19% – Get support or answers
  • 17% – Discover products or services
  • 14% – Assure
  • 13% – Inspire a purchase
  • 7% – Execute a purchase

No Results Blogging

I have talked to business owners who have invested plenty of time in blogging with no impact, no readers and therefore no response.  Blogging is not for everyone.  Here are some reasons NOT to blog:

  • Your only desire is to push information into the marketplace, not discuss it.
  • You don’t like to write – it’s too much like work.  And even if you do, you don’t have the time.
  • Your only reason to blog is that your competitor is doing it.
  • Each blog post will require three levels of approval before posting.
  • You’re using blogging as an avoidance tactic.  You really should be calling on prospects directly or employing some other more effective means to customer acquisition.

Three Decisions

You just need three decisions to start a business blog.  But you need ALL three:

  1. Decide on a goal.  Blogging must align with one of your strategic initiatives (increase lead generation, improve SEO, grow subscriber list, build awareness, etc.)
  2. Decide to commit.  You must commit the resources to blogging on a regular basis.
  3. Decide on your passion.  What are you passionate about and why does it matter to your prospects?  Remember,you can’t fake passion.

Big Announcement

And with that, I am announcing that Hot Marketing Tips is now a blog.  For years, I have gotten email responses, feedback and held conversations in private.  Now, I want to share those conversations with you and encourage your comments.  So click the blog link and share your thoughts about blogging.  Are you doing it or just thinking about it?  Have you done it and stopped?  How come?

Tell me about in the comments below.

Full Disclosure

Authentic communication is open communication.  Here are my three decisions about blogging:

  1. Goal:  Blogging will help me reach my goal of 2500 Hot Marketing Tips subscribers by December 2012.
  2. Commitment:  I commit to you that I will blog once a month or more with practical and actionable information to help you grow your business.  Hold me accountable!
  3. Passion:  I believe that 9-11 was an attack on America’s economic engine.  Like it or not, today’s business owners and entrepreneurs are on the frontlines of the battle for America’s future.  When we build strong, healthy businesses, we build a strong nation.  Watch “Why Your Business Matters” on the MarketingAccelerator YouTube Channel and you will understand my passion.

Let Me Help You

Are you wrestling with the idea of a blog for your business?

Then let’s talk about it.  Schedule a complimentary and confidential strategy session to discuss whether or not a blog is a good fit for your business.  Click this link and follow the directions to schedule.

On your Team, Not Your Payroll,


The Marketing Accelerator

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6 comments on “Blogging = Valentine’s Card
  1. Go ahead and be the first to comment on the Hot Marketing Tips blog!

  2. Jim Kummer says:

    I have an inactive blog –
    Wonder if blogs will have to change with use of mobile.

    • Jim – That is a great question. What is the impact of mobile on blogging? To maximize the impact of any communication on the phone, the design of the communication must be optimized to the mobile device. For example, my website will look different to you if you visit it from your laptop, ipad, iphone or droid. It is all the same content, but the design has been optimized to the device accessing the website. I would think that the convenience and immediacy of mobile would only increase demand on the blogging format.

  3. Kurt Myers says:

    Starting and maintaining a blog can be a daunting task. For years I have co-run a blog, which is now more dormant than I would like thanks to the addition of two kids. We struggled for years trying to find and generate content. Nothing is worse than sitting down in front of your computer, knowing that your blog post is overdue, and struggling to find a story to write about.
    So how do you fix that problem? Create a calendar. There’s a month or week for everything these days: earth week, bike month, National Underwear Day (an actual day, August 15th). As a business owner these regular events are an excellent opportunity for you to get information out about your product, and the best thing is is that they happen every year. Once you have identified these opportunities throughout the year add them to your calendar and pre-write a blog post (which is easy to do in a Google calendar).
    Doing this will help you generate good, steady content throughout the year. Any additional blog posts that you come up with are then just bonus content, and in blogging more posts of good quality is always the goal.
    This strategy is good for any form of social media (facebook, twitter, even Pintrest). I regularly use this at my current job for our facebook and videoboard content.
    Don’t sit for hours at the computer fretting about blog content. Do the little bit of work ahead of time and save yourself a lot of time and headaches in the long run. Make and maintain a calendar.

    • Kurt – You are right that a calendar definitely provides the structure needed to maintain consistency. Combine a calender with your passion and you will always have something to write about. Remember, you can’t fake passion! Thanks for your insight.

  4. John Daniell says:

    Another great marketing tip Drew. I’ve for some time appreciated the way “good” blogs not only give valuable information but often seem to be casual and transparent. This makes me feel like I have insight into how a business owner thinks and operates. After reading this I realize it’s seeing and feeling a business owner’s passion. Thanks for sharing.

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