Business Owners: Learn from Top 15 Halloween Costumes is a community of the world’s digital marketing and eCommerce professionals.  They published an analysis of over 80+ million eCommerce site searches to find the most popular costume themes for 2014.

Here are the Top 15

  1. FrozenFrozen – 1,192,000 (includes searches Elsa, Olaf & other characters)
  2. Zombie – 863,000
  3. Ninja – 863,000
  4. Pirate – 796,000
  5. Clown – 659,000
  6. Witch – 588,000
  7. Vampire – 565,000
  8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (TMNT) – 536,000
  9. Book of Life – 308,000 (includes searches for “Day of the Dead”)
  10. Flapper – 277,000
  11. Batman – 251,000
  12. Despicable MeDespicable Me – 233,000 (78% of related searches for Minion characters)
  13. Maleficent – 227,000
  14. Monster High – 206,000
  15. Star Wars – 148,000

The vast majority of these costume themes are driven or influenced by movies.

Question for the business owner or decision maker:

  • Who or what are the sources of influences that are swaying your prospects’ minds?
  • Can you influence the influencers?
  • Can you predict where the influencers are headed to improve your position inthe market?

Colonel Mustard and Miss ScarletTell me in the comments below who the influencers are in your market and how you predict what they will do OR just tell me what was the last Halloween costume you wore.

Mine was Colonel Mustard pictured here with Miss Scarlett.

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2 comments on “Business Owners: Learn from Top 15 Halloween Costumes
  1. Carol Venn says:

    Over the past years I have always been a blue M&M with a blue afro wig for Trick-or-Treating. My costume is recognized by the young and the more mature as we go from house to house. Each year I Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, and the same neighbors that I approach year after year remember my costume and thank me for giving my time to a worth cause. We have been blessed to exceed donations each year. It warms my heart!

  2. David Myers says:

    “Learn from Top 15 Halloween Costumes”

    Brilliant idea! So simple, very interesting, catches all professions.

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