Did You Make THESE Marketing Mistakes in 2012?

Will You Continue to Make Them in 2013?

Whether you own a business, are the executive in charge, a member of the sales team or simply a leader of a group of one, I challenge you to honestly ask yourself if you have made THESE mistakes? I admit to you that, upon occasion, I have.

Mistake #1 – A Fuzzy Message about What You Do

I have sat with many business people who are smart, willing to take risks and even understand marketing. When they tell me what they do or why I should work with them, I hear a string of platitudes that leave me unclear about their service and unengaged by their 60-second story. If your family members can’t explain what you do and why, then your message is weak and will remain weak in 2013.

Mistake #2 – Killing the Deal by Over-Communication

Some say that over-communicating can be just as bad as under-communicating. I think it is worse because you have opportunity in your lap and then throw it away because you lack confidence and just keep talking. Just because you have more “relevant” information for the client, doesn’t mean it is beneficial or appreciated by them. Ask a colleague or a client that you have a good relationship with if you “over-communicate.” Stop this in 2013.

Mistake #3 – Spending Too Much Time on Social Media


Social media is a black hole that sucks away a lot of valuable time and very often with little return. Many small business folks are being told to blog, post or tweet 3-to-5 times a week so that they can create a following of thousands that will create millions in revenue for them. FacebookThe problem is that their business model doesn’t support that strategy. Their message is unengaging and they are stealing time from one-on-one prospect engagement. In other words, some are using social media to avoid doing the necessary work you know you must do. Take off the blogger hat, pick up the phone, start networking and asking for referrals.

Mistake #4 – Ignoring Social Media

Like it or not, social media does provide opportunity for almost every business. The question is which social media channel? LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter all attract different prospect profiles and are a benefit to certain marketing strategies. This link shows a comparison of the many social media channels, their site category and features, number of users, monthly visitors, what % is female and, of greatest value, a summary of what they do. In 2013, you ignore social media at your own peril.

Mistake #5 – Overlooking Mobile

Approximately 80% of prospects will visit your website or social media channel before engaging you. Today, many of those web visits occur via smart phone. Is your website mobile-friendly? The size and orientation of the phone (or an iPad) is significantly different than your standard computer monitor. Visit your website via your phone and ask yourself, “Is this a great first impression?”

Home Stretch

Most business people are cooling their jets and coasting through the end of year. They are preparing to kick back, relax, celebrate the holidays, enjoy their family and experience several food comas and lots of football. I’m looking forward to my family’s Christmas celebration, taking time for a spiritual re-centering and having four straight days off the grid of business ownership.

Only about 5% will take the end-of-year opportunity to actually consider the success and failures of the past 12 months and make serious plans for the next 12. On December 31, I’m spending a half day with a fellow business warrior and client (Don Kennedy) for an intensive review, planning and celebration session for both of our businesses. Can’t wait!

It’s gonna be an awesome 2013. 
May it be a prosperous one for you personally, your family and your business.

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  1. Good looking Blog. Eager to meet you on the 25th.

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