Disappointed Or Thrilled?

Election Result Impact on Business Owners

As a resident of a battleground state (OH), I have been fed a steady barrage of the same political messages from both parties for the last 6 months. Let me sum it up that message for you in case you missed it:

If you elect the “other” candidate,
dire consequences will befall you,
your family and your country.
Freedom itself hangs in the balance.

Only time will tell if this prediction will come true. But here is the reality…I was disappointed with the results of the election…highly disappointed. On the day after the election, I found my enthusiasm for business building and uncovering opportunity on the wane…and I didn’t like that feeling. It’s not me.

Spotlight of Attention

I recognized that my spotlight of attention had been focused on the election through the summer and fall of campaigning. Continuing to focus on the activities of our nation’s capital will only be a distraction to my attitude and business performance. In order to shift gears from my election disappointments, I gave myself ONE day to wallow in the bitterness of defeat. That’s it. One day. I suggest that you do the same.

What’s Next

After six months of election noise, it’s time to turn the spotlight of attention on your own business. What was unknown at the beginning of the election week is now known. Move on.

I am an optimist.
I believe in everyday people.
I believe in my clients.
I believe that the answers to most of America’s challenges can be found in the free market system.
I still believe in America.

As business owners, what you do matters. You have a DIRECT impact on your family, your employees, and your community. When you build a strong, healthy business, you help to build a strong nation.

What you do everyday, matters to America.

Never forget that.

Tell me how you change your attitude or perspective when it gets off track?

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5 comments on “Disappointed Or Thrilled?
  1. Will SInger says:

    When I feel things pressing in on me – like they are out of control: first, I turn to God and unburden.

    Next, I start making decisions and choices. I prioritize my tasks and start doing them. Start with some easy wins and enjoy the progress. Move on to the mid size challenges and by the time I get to the big ones, I am energized again.

    What happened yesterday is news – I may or may not need to be aware of it, but my challenge today is the same as it was yesterday. It is the same challenge that business owners faced 200 and 2000 years ago.

    I need to face circumstances as they are and make decisions and choices based on life as it is, not as I think it should be. “Life as I think it should be” is usually where my depression starts, so I don’t dwell on it. The people who count on me deserve better.

  2. To Will – That’s a great process for getting out of a funk. I think your statement “The people who count on me deserve better” is a powerful lesson for business owners. Thanks for contributing!

  3. Bill Haussler says:

    Really appreciated your marketing tip today. Besides concerns for our country, the election (or should I say God) really has me thinking about some spiritual matters as well.
    Appreciate your perspective.

  4. Dennis Risch says:

    I felt similarly to what you wrote. I think some of that is a result of having all the activities leading up the election so much a part of our daily life for at least one year that that when it is over, we are left (temporarily-hopefully) with a hole to fill.

    On the other hand, that feeling could be the result of the business climate, the stress of creating new business and keeping what I have, feeling inadequate in both, you know, all the negatives feelings one should not have and expect to continue to be the best one can be. Your message is a good “locker room” shout at me and I hope to be shakin’ the blues. Maybe it is because for the first time in 20 years I did not see ONE soccer game this year. Wish it were that simple but ….

    Drew, keep caring and sharing about how business people can keep the faith, keep the integrity and be the best we can be.

  5. Jim Kummer says:


    Thank you for your insights.
    Changing my attitude when it gets off track:
    1. Must come to the realization that it is off track
    2. Must realize that this is affecting my actions
    3. Reassess my priorities
    4. Must realize my off track attitude is affecting other people
    5. Must reassess what I can control and what I can not.
    6. Reassess my goal.

    Now that I know where I am and where I need to go – Make and take action steps to get there.

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