Excellence @ Super Bowl LI

When Soundtracks Aren’t Important

Judging Criteria

I watch Super Bowl spots at a party with 10-20 people in the room at any one time. Actually, I’m watching their reaction to the spots more than the TV. Often, the people at the party are laughing, telling jokes or moaning about the last penalty on their team. This is the noisy world that the Super Bowl spot must perform. This environment is also like the marketplace where there is even more noise and distraction.

Excellence in Performance

Because of the noisy party, I give extra strategy points to commercials that work well even if you never hear their soundtrack. These spots can rely on telling their story visually and still be effective.

Watch these spots with the sound turned off and see if their message comes through to you. Then listen again with the sound up.

Mr. Clean

Ford Innovation

Nintendo Switch

Audi – This spot tells a decidedly different story without the voice-over than with it

Whether a TV spot or a video on your website, turn the sound down to see what your distracted prospect is likely to observe. Business owners would do well the duplicate this strategy. This includes the story your website tells if I don’t read anything but the largest of print on your site.

Next Edition of Hot Marketing Tips: I get out the sledgehammer and ask,
“What were they thinking?”

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