Execute or Die! Amazon Goes Yellow for Minions Movie

Learn to Leverage from a Box

Execute or Die” is a new series in Hot Marketing Tips where we will feature marketing tactics that were well executed OR ones that were a good idea but died at the execution level.

amazonboxesThe Amazon brand is out there. Really, we all know Amazon and do a little happy dance when the iconic brown cardboard box with the little Amazon smile logo is left on our porches. The book or item we ordered has arrived like a gift in the mail.

amazonminionsSince May 25, yellow Amazon boxes have been arriving on doorsteps throughout the USA promoting the Minions movie that will be in theaters July 10, 2015.

A First

This is a first.  It’s the first time Amazon has ever let another company use its “free space” — there’s a lot of area that’s available for branding on those brown cardboard boxes.  The Despicable Me movie introduced the Minions which now is a wildly popular line of dolls, plush toys, clothing, games, and even products to completely outfit a bedroom right down to the bed sheets.

And guess where you can buy of these things?  Bingo!  Amazon.  They even created a special website url just for Minion merchandise promoted right on the bright yellow box:  Great execution!

Minions Nickie

Going Viral — #MinionsBoxes

Going Viral

The bottom of the box includes an incentive taking a selfie with the box and sharing it using #MinionsBoxes for a chance to win a $1,000 Amazon gift card.  The social media promotion from this incentive will deliver an ROI that will be 10 times the gift card.

In Demand

The boxes even note the movie release date (July 10) and then they supposedly will be retired forever.  Rumor has it that some people are ordering things from Amazon just to get the Minions box.  A deadline and short supply increases demand.

Well-Executed Strategy – Lessons for Business

  • Do you have “Free Space” that you could cross promote with another business?
  • Can you offer a product or package that is in limited supply for a limited time to create demand? The yellow box will no longer be in use after the July 10 movie launch.
  • Can you give an incentive ($1,000 gift card) to compel a posting a selfie with your product or brand?

See more close up photos of the Amazon Minions box at the Marketing Accelerator Facebook page – and “like” it while you are there!

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