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The Marketing Accelerator Executive Round Table brings decision makers together in a peer level learning environment to share business intelligence, strategic plans and campaign successes (or failures).


  • Currently spend $25K in advertising annually
  • Must have marketing budget authority – you are the decision maker
  • Only non-competitive companies in each round table – first come, first served
  • Full disclosure, fully confidential


  • PREVIEW your next campaign or tactic
  • DISCOVER weak points BEFORE investing $$
  • CELEBRATE your marketing successes
  • LEARN from other’s marketing FAILURES
  • CONQUER your most difficult marketing challenge

The Marketing Accelerator Executive Round Table delivers the opportunity to improve your marketing knowledge and apply the wisdom from peers on the same journey.

Be a Guest at Our Next Round Table

Contact us at 513-785-0815 or for more information about meeting times, lengths and round table themes. If we have good alignment, then you can be a complimentary guest at our next session.

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