Give It to Them the Way They Want It

Obvious Marketing Principle #1:

Give the Customers What They Want the

Way They Want It

It’s one thing to have the a product or service that customers want, but it is another thing to give it to them the way they want it.


Self Serve BeerWhile finding our seats at Great American Ballpark, I discovered a self-serve beer tapping station. What could be better than pouring your own cold one from the tap a Reds game? Baseball fans want beer and they want it quick. The self-serve tap is likely a faster line since it requires a pre-paid card.


coffeeaisleThe coffee aisle at your grocery has recently gone through a significant upheaval. Gone are the days of just instant, whole bean or ground. While meandering down the coffee aisle (something I like to do), I noticed that 50% of the coffee shelf space was filled with Keurig pod options…the demand for these pods have grown with the convenience and acceptance of the Keurig machine for a decent cup of coffee…and so has the profit for retailers. I am sure there is a nice margin on each of those pods. Give the customer what they want the way they want it, and you may make more money, too!


Read and ReturnOn the way to catch a flight, I uncovered one of the best examples of the “give it to them the way they want it” philosophy. An airport book store’s unique selling proposition is “Read & Return. Buy it, read it, return it. Receive a 50% refund.” This bookseller tapped into the dreams of travelers and book readers by giving it to them the way they want it.

Even the fine print on the deal is acceptable. You have to buy a new book. You must return it in six months to any participating airport bookstore to get the 50% refund. They have shops in over 75 airports across the country including Greater Cincinnati/NKY International, Port Columbus and Dayton International.


The Read & Return brochure also includes a panel (25% of the space) devoted to FIJI Water. Not only do they sell this water at the bookstore, but they likely got FIJI to pay for the printing of the brochure. Very smart. Visit the Marketing Accelerator Facebook page to see the photos of the brochure.

Questions for the Business Owner

  1. What new ways do your customers want access?
  2. Where is your market headed? Bigger, smaller, faster, cheaper, more convenience?
  3. Does a combination of new technology bring a new way to deliver your product or service?

There are definite risks involved with giving the prospect what they want, the way they want it…

  • Investment in new processes
  • Not all new ideas are good ideas
  • Even if it is a good idea, it takes time to hone the new process to make it profitable

Have you developed a new way to give the customer what they want the way they want it? If so, now is the time to shine your light on yourself. Tell me about in the comments below.

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