Happy Meals & Holiday Lights

Everyone loves a nicely bundled package!

The Anatomy of a Packaged Service

McDonald’s now has the Happy Meal available with milk and apples.  The Golden Arches have also launched the Mighty Kids Meal for the hungrier “in-be-tweens”.  Today, every drive-thru offers some kind of “value meal” bundle.

Is bundling one of your services into a package a good idea?

I’ll answer that one later because packaging is tricky and not a fit for every business.

Benefits of a Package Service

  • Increases value of the service or product
  • Attracts new prospects
  • Improves revenue per transaction
  • Shortens sales cycle

Inside Story #1: Hanging Holiday Lights
ProMaster Home Repair and Handyman Service offers a package for hanging holiday lights.  Watch this 45 second video below as Don Kennedy (owner) delivers a simple, straightforward and persuasive message for getting your lights hung and promotes his package.

What makes this package/message effective?

  • It’s specific:  Hanging Christmas lights for home or business
  • Has a deadline: Obviously for November/December
  • Lots of added value:  Lighting design, electrical safety and free light removal
  • Promotes Benefits: Save time, save money, work with an on-time professional craftsman
  • Emotional Tie In: Take the hassle and frustration out and stay off the ladder
  • Call To Action: Phone, web visit, Facebook

Don told me that “ProMaster can expand its client base faster through a package sale (in this case, holiday lights) for folks WHO WOULD NOT HAVE NORMALLY SOUGHT OUT a home repair company like ProMaster in the first place.”  Don’s purpose for this package is lead generation, not revenue enhancement.

Inside Story #2: Marketing Accelerator Package

After several years of talking to business owners about my strategic marketing services, I finally realized that my service was a bit nebulous (consulting services can often be like that).  Business owners had a hard time making a decision about my fee and the value of my services.  In response, I wrote the Marketing Accelerator™ Workbook.

What Can The Marketing Accelerator Do For You?The impact of packaging my service was immediate:

  • Increased value — the written word has power and builds credibility
  • No longer nebulous — business owner could actually touch and feel my service (the workbook)
  • Sales cycle shortened
  • Revenue per project increased
  • Created new leads
  • Spun off presentations for speaking engagements

Is bundling one of your services into a package a good idea?

The answer is “Yes, if…

  • Your traditional pricing method has been unsuccessful (it’s time to experiment)
  • Your products are highly commoditized (little difference between competitors)
  • Your market is highly competitive (like fast food)
  • Your service is somewhat nebulous (like consulting)
  • You could use a new lead generator

Contact Teakwood Marketing today to discuss the strategic use of packaging for your business.



Personal Note From Drew

I count it a privilege to share these marketing insights and strive to bring high value to business decision makers with every Hot Marketing Tip.  There are many perspectives about the meaning behind this time of year.  From Christmas to Chanukah to Kwanzaa and other celebrations, the holidays often become a time to share love with our family and friends and that is a good thing! This year, as always, I will be celebrating Christmas with my family.  We celebrate the birth of Christ because I believe that he is the eternal hope for my life.  May God bless you, your family and your business.

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