Marketing Gap

After 30 years in business, I’ve witnessed a GAP between the C-suite and the marketing effort regardless if it is an internal team or ad agency. This GAP undermines confidence, impacts decision-making and causes confusion about ROI.

There are good reasons for this GAP…

  1. Decision makers receive plenty of data and statistics, but it lacks meaning and interpretation
  2. Misalignment of brand, market, strategy and message undermine the effectiveness of tactics (though the tactic receives the blame, not the misalignment)
  3. Lack of strategic insight to the marketing effort allows under-performing or off-target processes to remain in place while emerging opportunities are missed (example: win the skirmish, lose the war)
  4. Multiple vendors provide reports that provide a silo view of the marketing effort. There is no predictable KPI from which to judge overall performance short of revenue (which is too late, not predictable).
  5. The communication style of the marketing resource is difficult for the decision makers to build confidence around. The occupational hazard for marketers is that they excel at communicating the good news and limiting the bad news. This practice is an obstacle to executive level decision making.

Better Strategic Decisions = Better Results