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Now Here’s a Powerful Unique Selling Proposition!

Last month, my Hot Marketing Tip focused on Unique Selling Propositions and I promised to tell you about one of my favorite USP’s – in fact, two of the best USP’s I’ve come across.

As a parent who has gone through the college selection process twice, I am well aware that two of the major issues to consider are the cost of college and how well equipped the student will be to make money upon graduation.

Nebraska Christian College (NC) offers two very effective USP’s. Part of their strength is the simplicity of the message:

Nebraska Chrisitan 4 for 3 Promise



I spoke with the VP of Advancement, Dave Miller, who led the team that developed a rebranding plan and the USP’s at Nebraska Christian College. He said that the students were more compelled by the G.I.G. promise and the parents really connected with the 4 FOR 3 promise. That’s evidence of understanding the decision that your prospects have to make and then speaking to them effectively.

The college’s collateral boldly states on its cover “THROW THIS AWAY – If you want to pay full price for college”. See a photo album of this cover, the full USP’s and how they are presented on the Marketing Accelerator Facebook page.


Nebraska Christian College is a small, private institution. Initial results showed that the enrollment numbers of the incoming freshmen did not dramatically increase. However, they did notice a significant increase in the caliber of new student enrollment. These students were highly motivated, aligned with the college’s mission, and were there with a purpose.

Takeaway for Business Owners

A strong Unique Selling Proposition can be a game changer for a small or large company. It should be powerful and a statement showing “skin in the game” to your prospects. A compelling USP that a business is prepared to support can:

  • Nebraska Christian Skin in the GameJustify a higher price point
  • Shorten the purchase decision cycle
  • Draw the best fit prospects
  • Compel action
  • Improve your brand image
  • Lead to increase profitability

Do you have a USP?

How does your business show “skin in the game” to your prospects?
Got a good example (or even a bad one) of a USP? Share it with me and my subscribers in the comments below. And be sure to check out the NC brochure on the Marketing Accelerator Facebook page.

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  1. Drew!

    This is a fantastic example of how knowing your customer’s pain points and then addressing them sets one apart from the competition!


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