My Top Commercial Picks from Super Bowl LI

Valuable Insights for Business Owners

Super Bowl commercials can provide business owners valuable insights. And though you don’t have $5,000,000 to spend on 30 seconds or even advertise on TV, this year’s crop of spots has plenty of spectacular do’s and don’ts to copy or avoid.

Brilliant Strategy – Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean – Cleaner of Your Dreams claims my vote for Brilliant Strategy because in 30 short
seconds this spot transitions men’s thinking that cleaning for their wives is something sexy…and they did it without being disrespectful. This spot connects with both men and women in the audience simultaneously and doesn’t even need a soundtrack. It effectively leverages emotional triggers of the masses in the viewing audience…every woman wants help cleaning their home and every man wants…well, you know.

Best First Timer – Bai Bai

Bai Brands (pronounced BYE in case you didn’t see the spot yet) created a memorable spot with Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake using the NSYNC song Bye, Bye, Bye, or in this case Bai, Bai, Bai. Simple. Memorable. Sets the platform for introducing the product…5 Calories, No Artificial Sweeteners and Tastes Amazing. Well done, Bai. Keep it simple.

Most Inspirational – NFL-Inside These Lines

What appears to be a self-aggrandizing story about football, finishes with a message about America that doesn’t carry any political baggage. This spot recognizes that uniting the country is bigger than its own product (NFL). Does your business participate in something bigger than you? Tell that story.

Best ROI – Amazon Echo

I normally caution clients from trying to communicate too many messages in a single communication. The rule is an ad can do one thing well, two things average or three things poorly. Yet due to excellent alignment and simple story telling, this spot effectively promotes the Amazon Echo device, Amazon’s Alexa, Prime Air drone delivery. It’s really three, 10-second spots back to back that build on one another. It’s all about alignment. Do your messages to the market align well with your website and product?

Biggest Laugh – Skittles

At the party I attended, this Skittles spot clearly got the loudest laugh of the evening. It’s cute. Gets the point across. Has a few surprises. This humor is completely visual and requires no narration, music or sound effect. In my decades of experience, I’ve found humor to be quite a challenge in advertising. If you go down the funny bone road, keep it visual, simple and test it thoroughly before releasing it.

Tomorrow I’ll review the role of politics in Super Bowl LI commercials.

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