Oreo Wins the Twitter Super Bowl

…and Why You Should Stop All Social Media NOW

Last week, I gave my Best & Worst Super Bowl Ads presentation to PIANKO, the Printing Industries of Ohio – N. Kentucky.  It demonstrates how to use the million dollar strategies from Super Bowl advertising, when you don’t have the million dollar budget.  This attentive group confirmed my suspicion about the need to stop all Social Media now, until you have three essential elements in place.  Before I share that information, you need to know what happened behind the scenes at Oreo during the Super Bowl.

The 2013 Super Bowl will be remembered for Ray Lewis’ last game and a 34-minute power outage inside the stadium during the second half.  While fans took time to grab another chicken wing and announcers stood live-on-camera re-stating what had already been said, some enterprising young person at Oreo tweeted:

Power Out? No Problem.
You Can Still Dunk In The Dark

Oreo Tweet

The tweet immediately went viral.  In less than 24 hours, it had been retweeted 15,000 times and collected 20,000 likes on Facebook.  A 30-second Super Bowl commercial cost $3.8 million in broadcast time alone.  Last time I checked, Twitter is free.

Hmmmm… $3.8 Million vs Free

This is one of those Social Media stories that garner a lot of attention and leads business owners down the path of wasted time and money in hopes of finding gold. 

Behind the Scenes @ Oreo

Confession time:  There wasn’t just one “enterprising young person” at Oreo to send out this tweet.  There was a team of 15!  All working during the Super Bowl to monitor Social Media and the game with an eye on finding an opportunity to say something that was timely and relevant.  “Celebrate a Raven’s touchdown with an Oreo…” or “Flacco got dunked like an Oreo in 2% milk …” or something a whole lot better than that.  A pre-game survey revealed that 36% of Super Bowl viewers planned on making it a two-screen event. That means they would watch the game on TV and be surfing on their phone, tablet or laptop.  Oreo was prepared for opportunity. Additionally, they had on standby a strategist, copywriters and graphic designers.  Was this free? No way. They had a goal, a strategy and a budget.

The Truth

Social Media is a lot like the Wild West of the old days.  It is true that “There’s gold in them there hills!” But there are also piles of dead bodies of wasted time and dollars everywhere. The hard truth is that there are many business owners and sales people who are using Social Media as an avoidance tool.  If this is the case, then it should be stopped immediately.  When Social Media is draining resources from business-critical tasks, it is a problem, not an opportunity.

3 Basic Essentials

Social Media should be treated as any other sales tactic.  It should have:

  • A goal – How will you judge success?
  • A strategy – What are you trying to accomplish with Social Media?  Build your brand?  Lead generation?  Improved customer service?
  • A budget – Not a blank check.  If you attain your goal, what is that worth to your company?  That will determine how much time per day/week/month will be invested.  After all, time is money.

My Personal Experience

Not every business is a great fit for Social Media.  It’s worked well for me.  For years I had sent Hot Marketing Tips via email to subscribers.  Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and HMT Blog) has allowed me to extend the reach of Hot Marketing Tips well beyond the email subscriber base.   I use it as a tool to build the Marketing Accelerator brand.  My assistant is assigned the task of prodding me weekly with Social Media suggestions.  Additionally, she improves my writing, corrects my grammar and takes care of the distribution of the content.

Your Experience

Has Social Media been a plus or minus for your business?  Can you claim any specific successes?

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