The words you use to describe your business or product have an incredible impact on the ROI of your advertising and promotion.

Is your elevator speech compelling and unique
or is your message LOST in the herd of competition?

Without a persuasive elevator speech, you really aren’t in business.

Can your product leverage a Unique Selling Proposition? This subtle communication device has been used to launch products to the top of their category when it is developed correctly, but could create a devastating loss if improperly formed. A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) might be just what you need.

Are you memorable? Does your business need a tagline…something quick, pithy and unique?

It is a deep dive into your business core that reveals key compelling elements that can be leveraged to transform your message to the market.

I’ve developed the proprietary POWER MESSAGE Course that I will personally lead you through this transformation to create your compelling:

  • Elevator Speech
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Tagline

The course is designed for you to create ALL 3 types of messages. You will choose which one to focus on during our time together. You will leave, equipped to create the other 2. It’s your choice!

This half day course is limited to 8 non-competitive businesses. It is recommended that two representatives from each company attend.

Complete Course Fee -$599.
Full refund if not completely satisfied.

"In 4 hours I learned more than a year of studying…"
Don Kennedy, Owner
ProMaster Home Repair

Delmar Davis Quote

"Drew Dinkelacker is a MASTER Strategist & Instructor. He got inside my head and changed my mindset about marketing and tactics."
Mark Delmar Davis, Partner
Davis-Kinney Group

Jeff Derico Testimony

"The Power Message INTENSIVE uncovered and focused our message on our most compelling features."
Jeff Derico
Center for Church Leadership

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