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Has your marketing strategy become a bit foggy?
Need a trusted advisor to bring clarity to the situation and rebuild confidence?

Spend 30 minutes with The Marketing Accelerator

Trust me…30 minutes with a marketing strategist is a good start to helping solve your marketing challenge.

In just 30 minutes we could:

  • Identify key priorities
  • Establish a direction
  • Uncover the pros and cons of a strategy or tactic
  • Bring clarity to your marketing challenge – Understanding the challenge is the first step to solving it

The first step is to complete the Pre-Meeting Assessment.

Each month, Drew Dinkelacker opens a limited number of slots for complimentary strategy sessions.  He can simplify the advertising equation.  With his unique ability to make the obscure obvious, he can quickly bring you insight.  Business owners appreciate the honest, straightforward discussion of the facts in order to get to the solution.

“He is not the type who tells you what you want to hear so he’ll get more work. He is the type who, if he thinks you’re making a mistake, will grab you by both shoulders, look you in the eye and tell you exactly what he thinks, straight from the heart. Then that turns out to be exactly what you need to do. He is a most generous spirit.”

David Wecker
16 years @

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The first step is to complete the Pre-Call Assessment. The information in the Pre-Call Assessment will help to maximize the return you will get for the 30 minute strategy session.  Simply complete the assessment (takes 3-5 minutes) and you will be contacted by the Marketing Accelerator Concierge to set up your Complimentary Strategy Session with Drew Dinkelacker…On Your Team, Not Your Payroll!

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