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Today, business owners and executives are overwhelmed with the number of advertising options available to them. Drew Dinkelacker, The Marketing Accelerator™ simplifies the advertising equation. With his unique ability to make the obscure obvious, he equips audience members with marketing insights, tips and techniques that can be applied before they return to their office. Business owners leave his presentations rejuvenated and inspired to lead their organization.

Available programs designed for audiences filled with business owners, executives, marketing and sales professionals:

Power of 80-20 in Business, Marketing & Life

Harness Million Dollar Strategies WITHOUT the Million Dollar Budget

Power of 80-20 in Business, Marketing and LifeMost have heard of 80/20 (also known as the Pareto Principle) but few understand the true power behind it and the breadth of its impact. This presentation will provide a brief history of its development, visual demonstrations, as well as a live forecasting using the audience. Additionally, Drew will demonstrate how 80/20 is applied to daily business and personal activities for deeper insight and practical applications.

Best and Worst Super Bowl Commercials

Harness Million Dollar Strategies WITHOUT the Million Dollar Budget

Best & Worst Super Bowl CommercialsEvery year the Super Bowl is a clash of titans competing for the ultimate victory. Of course, we’re talking about the commercials that battle for the consumer’s attention. Drew Dinkelacker is a voting member of USA Today’s Ad Meter that rates Super Bowl commercials. Updated yearly, this fun and familiar topic creates an exciting atmosphere where key strategies are identified and then applied to the small and mid-sized business environment. Were this year’s commercials a game winner or a fumble? Your audience gets a chance to decide.

Your Words Matter

What’s the Difference between an Elevator Speech, a Tagline and a Unique Selling Proposition?

Your Words MatterBusiness owners and sales people must use words to represent their company.  Which words you choose to use matters. There are three common word tools that can powerfully deliver your message effectively.  This highly interactive presentation demonstrates the difference between these tools and its core components as well as tests the audience’s memory of famous taglines and the companies that produced them.

“Drew Dinkelacker was able to connect with all of our members including CEO’s, business owners, entrepreneurs, sales people and elected officials. They intently listened, participated in various exercises, learned new concepts and have taken steps to improve their marketing efforts using Marketing Accelerator principles that were applied during his presentation. It was a win-win-win experience for our Chamber, our members and”

Joe Hinson
President and CEO
West Chester ▪ Liberty Chamber Alliance

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Your Business Matters

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