Stop Talking and Dreaming…Start Doing!


I’m a big believer in planning before you take action but the occupational hazard to that perspective is that you plan for certain contingencies and then plan for more contingencies instead of taking action.  I’ve learned that the planning is vital but the entrepreneurial journey reveals itself along the way. In other words, stop talking and dreaming and start doing and be ready for unplanned opportunities.


Gigi Butler

Gigi Butler

At the age of 15, Gigi Butler’s entrepreneurial journey began when she opened her first business called Gigi’s Cleaning Company. Gigi had the dream of a singer-songwriter career so her plan moved her from California to Nashville in 1994. She re-established Gigi’s Cleaning Company in her new town for work during the day and sang in honky-tonks at night.

She pursued her passion for 10 years. One day her brother called to tell her that he stood in line for two hours at a cupcake shop in New York City and those cupcakes weren’t as good as hers and her mom’s.  You should think about opening a cupcake shop in Nashville.”

A cleaning business and a 10-year investment in a music career were the entrepreneurial journey that revealed an unplanned opportunity…gourmet cupcakes.

Coming from a lineage of bakers, having a breadth of secret family recipes and a belief that baking was becoming a lost art, Gigi retired her music career dream and pivoted to become a culinary craftsman.

Gigi Butler

Gigi of Gigi’s Cupcakes


Gigi was laughed out of four banks in Nashville when she applied for loans for a cupcake shop.  To create the necessary capital ($100K), she maxed out four credit cards and opened Gigi’s Cupcakes in 2008 with $33 left in the bank.  At this time, she kept her cleaning business as a back-up plan.

Gigi's CupcakesToday, Gigi Butler has over 100 franchise locations and creates $40+M in annual revenue.  In Cincinnati, Gigi’s Cupcakes is located in Kenwood.


While I pursue my own entrepreneurial journey, I’ve found that the more tools and resources I create, the more unplanned opportunities they bring.  While operating Teakwood Marketing, I wrote the Marketing Accelerator workbook.  That workbook was so successful that I rebranded myself as The Marketing Accelerator.  I continue to develop new tools that bring more opportunity than I had planned for them.  Writing marketing-focused, inspirational speeches is something that I have a passion for, and an unplanned opportunity is making another stop on my journey…

Have you ever wondered what you get when you combine a shark, a cupcake and the accelerator?

Drew Dinkelacker to speak at Business Breakthrough: Cincinnati Nov. 4

Gigi Butler is speaking at Business Breakthough: Cincinnati on November 4 at the Sharonville Convention Center, alongside other top-notch business minds including Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks from Shark Tank.

Oh, and by the way, I have been invited to speak there, too!
I am presenting “Your Words Matter” (because they do!)

NOTE: Due to a scheduling conflict, the Business Breakthrough Event on Nov 4, 2015 has been moved to Friday, March 4, 2016. Get your tickets at Use promo code DrewD for a discount.

Remember, the entrepreneurial journey reveals itself along the way…Stop talking and dreaming and start doing and be ready for unplanned opportunities. 

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