Super Bowl 50 – Part 2: Best Strategies

I search through each year’s Super Bowl commercials to uncover true nuggets of wisdom for business owners that can be leveraged on much smaller budgets than $5,000,000 for 30 seconds. These featured strategies can be applied to both small and mid-size businesses.

And the Winner for Best BRAND DEFINING Strategy is…

Budweiser’s Not Backing Down

This 60-second spot brilliantly leverages “not statements” to define the Budweiser brand. This strategy is highly effective in communicating what you are by stating what you are not. Here is the breakdown of not messages featured:

Not Ponies
Not a Hobby
Not Small
Not Sipped
Not Soft
Not Imported
Not a Fruit Cup
Not Following
Not For Everyone
Not Backing Down

Using this strategy, Budweiser took a shot at craft beers (hobby), imported beers and Shock Top (not a fruit cup) while at the same time reinforcing their traditional messaging with Clydesdales (not ponies), the King of Beers (not small and not following), a beer for celebrations (not sipped), and for hardworking people (not soft).

Practical Application
Create a series of “Not Statements” that emphasizes your competition’s weaknesses and reinforces your unique traits. Leverage them on your website, advertising, social media and collateral. Mark my words, you will see this strategy play out in the marketplace this year.

And the Winner for Best DO GOOD Strategy is…

DeathWish Coffee’s Storm’s a-Brewin’
Sponsored by Intuit / Quickbooks

So how does an 11 employee coffee roaster foot the bill of $5M for a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl? Well, they don’t. And Intuit did. Here is the back story. Intuit/Quickbooks launched a site called According to their own definition…

OWN IT is a trusted network of small business owners and the self-employed supporting each other in growing our businesses. Join us to make better, more informed decisions via the experiences of experts and professionals like you.

Signing up for puts your business into the qualifying pool of eligible contestants. The grand prize was a 30-second Super Bowl commercial.

Practical Application
I’m not recommending that you have a sweepstakes with your client pool or that you start a website of your trusted network. Here is that strategy worth repeating. Select a handful of clients and profile them on your website, social media and advertising. This is not a blatant testimonial but genuine supporting of your client and businesses like them. Rotate it every month. Share it on your social media and have your clients share it on theirs.

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