Super Bowl LI Commercials – What’s New You Need To Know

4 Rules to Become a Big Game Commercial Guru

Why I Love the Super Bowl Commercials?

It’s not that they cost $5M for 30 seconds. It’s the effort, creativeness and strategy that must go into the 30 seconds to make sure there is a positive ROI for the $5M investment that so intrigues me. The commercials often set the standard for trends we will see in advertising over the next 12 months. And the ripple effects go well beyond broadcast TV.

Here’s what you need to know about this year’s commercials so you can be a Super Bowl sage during your Big Game party…


This year’s first time advertisers include:

  • baiTop Games USA – Video game publisher
  • Bai Brands – A beverage company
  • 84 Lumber – Provider of building supplies, materials and construction needs.
  • Mr. Clean – Official cleaner of Superbowl LI
  • Febreze – An odor elimination product
  • GNC – Retailer of health and nutrition products

New Tech

  • snickersSnickers – Will broadcast the first “live” Super Bowl commercial featuring Adam Driver (Star Wars: The Force Awakens).
  • Tostitos – Has developed a Tostitos bag that operates like a basic breathalyzer – when triggered, the bag will display a code for a free Uber ride home.
  • Intel 360 Replay Technology – Demonstrated by Tom Brady brushing his teeth and other activities of daily living.
  • Hyundai – Will start filming their commercial during the game to show “off the field” moments. It will air as soon as the game is over.

New Controversy

  • 84lumber84 Lumber’s ad to recruit workers was rejected when some of the imagery included building a wall. The current political climate has brands very sensitive about offending any particular groups.
  • 40 Year Canadian Ban Lifted – While we Americans get to enjoy the Big Game and these awesome commercials, for the last 40 years, all the major commercial breaks have been substituted with Canadian commercials for our friends of the north’s viewing pleasure. Not this year. The Canadians get a full dose of America during the game and the breaks. There has been some push back to lifting the ban, likely from a few of the northern advertisers.

4 Rules To Become a SB Commercial Guru (like me!)

  1. After watching the complete commercial break, ask yourself, “Which spot was most memorable?” Why?
  2. Observe if any spot silenced the party crowd and attracted everyone’s attention? Or did the reverse happen? Why?
  3. Did any spot change your opinion (for better or worse) about the brand?
  4. Were there any spots that you simply didn’t get? Ask someone of a different gender or generation to explain.

Coming Up

  • Next week you will see my round up of commentary about the Big Game winners and losers.
  • Appetizer Suggestion: Pineapple offers a refreshing alternative to the salty, meat and cheese appetizers often served at parties. We never come home with any leftovers.

Prediction: Falcons 27 – Patriots 24

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