Super Bowl Sunday Preparation: How to Develop your Own Top 10 Commercials

How I Watch Super Bowl Commercials

I watch the Super Bowl at a party where there are usually 10-20 sets of eyes in the room with the TV. Some are watching and some are talking. To establish my own Top 10, I usually watch the full commercial break and then ask myself:

  1. Which spot was most memorable during the break? Why?
  2. Did any spots silence the party crowd and attract everyone’s attention? That’s a good sign. Or did the reverse happen and the spot got the attention but didn’t hold on to it?
  3. Did any of the spots change my opinion (for better or worse) about the brand?
  4. Were there any spots that I simply didn’t get? If I don’t get the spot then chances are I wasn’t the target market (50+, male, Caucasian, professional). Ask someone around you of a different generation if they got the spot.

Super Bowl Commercial Category Examples

There are different categories for Superbowl spots including:

When you have a singular spot that crosses multiple categories effectively, then you have a proven winner.

The talk around the office on Monday will be about your favorite Super Bowl commercial. I have to say, I don’t care about your favorite. As a marketer, I care about which spot caused you to:

  • Take action
  • Change your perspective of the brand
  • Be educated on something relevant (and aligned with the brand)

If one of the above was accomplished AND it was your favorite, that’s a big plus.

Bonus Tip: Super Bowl Party Snack

We often take pineapple to Super Bowl parties. It’s sweet but not-over-the-top sugary. Kids love it. It’s a nice balance to all of the fat-and-salt appetizers. It always gets completely eaten. We never go home with any.

My Prediction

Are you watching the game at a big party (15+), medium size (5-14) or a small intimate affair (1-4). Let me know your party size in a comment below.
My Prediction: Seattle by 3
Go Seahawks!

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