The Campout: Piada Italian Street Food VS Fairview German Language School

Understanding the difference between Incentive and Demand

Camping Out for Food

Kaitlin with Piada Gift Cards

Kaitlin camped out for 52 Piada gift cards

This past Saturday night, my daughter Kaitlin camped outside of Piada in Mason, OH due to their promotional incentive for “First 100 Guests Receive Free Piada For An Entire Year.” She did this because she likes Italian food and getting great deals (free stuff). This incentive got her to sleep in freezing temperatures on concrete because she is young and has time on her hands. For Piada, they use this incentive to jump start new locations and get publicity. Incentives can be effective and are often short lived. The end result… Kaitlin was #89 and received 52 gift cards for one free Piada meal for her efforts.

Camping Out For Your Child’s Education

WCPO News Report about Fairview German Campout

WCPO News Report about Fairview German Campout

Last Thursday, the first tent showed up on the campus of Fairview German Language School in Clifton. Within hours, more tents popped up like colorful weeds. Parents are vying for a limited number of spaces to enroll their child in this Cincinnati Public Magnet School that begins teaching German in Kindergarten. These parents will spend two weeks under the stars. There is no incentive. They get no reward. They simply get their child enrolled. That is demand. When there is limited competition, limited choice and limited capacity, demand increases.

Waiting for bus to Fairview German

With my daughters Kaitlin and Morgan waiting to board the bus to Fairview German Language School (2000)

However, high demand has not always the case at Fairview German Language School. I have firsthand experience as both of my daughters attended Fairview. In 2001, enrollment was dwindling. Cincinnati Public Schools in general suffered from a bad reputation. Vouchers for private schools were a new option. Fairview was (and has continued to be) a School of Excellence but enrollment in the Kindergarten classes was getting dangerously low.

In my first year in business, I was hired by the parent board to develop a strategy to increase enrollment. Little did I know that this project was the germination of the principles that are the foundation of the MARKETING ACCELERATOR™ process. Here is the short story on the enrollment results:

* 2001 – 60 new students.
* 2002 – 125 new students – a 105% increase

Read the case study about Enhancing Enrollment at Fairview.

The strategy I put together was one element of several people’s efforts that combined to make this a success that continues today. Fairview German has always been a great school worth camping out for. It was an effective marketing strategy that moved it to the front of parent’s minds in 2001. That momentum continues into 2013.

Have you made any marketing changes that have created a decade long impact?  Tell me about it below.

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2 comments on “The Campout: Piada Italian Street Food VS Fairview German Language School
  1. Carol Lucio says:

    This is great, Drew! I read quickly through this and found it very interesting. I wish that other CPS schools would “get on board” and become this great and have great marketing that this would be the result all over the city 😉

    Congratulations on leaving a lasting impact!


  2. Great newsletter Drew!
    I like how you use personal and local events to tell your story and make your points.
    Very effective.

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