The Proliferation of Fake News

How to Leverage its Hidden Power for Your Business

Post-election there has been a lot of commentary about “Fake News.” A business owner would be wise to understand the power behind fake news and be able to leverage it…it meaning the power, not fake news.

trojanjorseFake News Ain’t New
I believe that the Trojans got suckered by a gift horse. Fake news wasn’t even new back then.

Why an Uptick Now?
Certainly the 2016 presidential election had its share of fake news stories, but the truly remarkable aspect is that the #1 provider of news information to the public today is a privately held company that expresses no expertise in journalism and broadcasts stories from millions with no fact checking…sharesignsit’s Facebook, where people are free to say, post or share whatever they want with few limits. The problem is not so much that people post fake news. The real problem is that readers of the fake news take it as fact and then willingly share the fake news without any effort at fact checking.

Why Do People Believe Fake News?
Because they want to believe it. It fits their world view, belief system or opinions. Often, people have already determined a conclusion on what one wants or hopes to be true. Therefore, they search for evidence to support that conclusion.

Why is Fake News Powerful?
Because it connects with the reader at the emotional level. This is its hidden power. It confirms their beliefs and opinions regardless of the truth.

Emotional Connections are Powerful
I fight for my clients against competitive businesses that use misleading messages. You don’t have to put out fake news to create an emotional connection with your prospect; however. it does take work, expertise and process to create an ethical message that connects emotionally and is compelling to the prospect. Don’t forget, 80% of buying decisions have an emotional component. It doesn’t matter the price point. We are humans, not Vulcans. Emotions drive us.

How Powerful is your Message?
Does your marketing message leverage the hidden power of emotion? If not, then it is weak. You’re likely losing out on leads and probably lost sales due to this weakness. I’ve developed a POWER MESSAGE Course – a deep-dive, half-day intensive experience designed to change the way you think about marketing and create your new compelling marketing message, tagline or Unique Selling Proposition.


Taught by Drew Dinkelacker
I will lead this small group intensive which is limited to 8 non-competitive businesses. Registration fee is $599. Join this small band of business owners and marketers on February 28th for this powerful experience. More info and registration here.


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