Tim Tebow Lands @ CCU

Leveraging STAR Power for Your Business

Tim Tebow…NFL quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner, and two-timeTim Tebow at CCU BCS National Champion with the University of Florida landed at  Cincinnati Christian University (CCU) on April 25, 2012.  It was the largest, singular event ever hosted on CCU’s campus since its inception in 1924.  His impact was felt before the event and continues well after.  Tebow’s visit brought significant media attention, helped increase the university’s brand and increased fundraising.

Wikipedia defines celebrity as a person who has a prominent profile and commands a great degree of public fascination and influence in day-to-day media.  The term is synonymous with wealth, implied with great popular appeal, prominence in a particular field, and is easily recognized by the general public.

Tebow’s celebrity stems from a unique combination of athletic success and authentic commentary about his faith.  A perfect fit for a Christian university looking to connect donors, alumni, prospective students and the media.  Aligning your business with a “celebrity”  creates opportunity for:

  • Building awareness of your business
  • Driving attendance to your event
  • Fundraising
  • Impacting your brand image in the marketplace
  • Providing many more creative opportunities

The first categories of celebrity that come to mind are sports and entertainment.

Certain athletes carry influence in the marketplace (Lebron James, Joey Votto, Anthony Munoz, Serena Williams), but so do coaches (Tony DungyDoc Rivers) and sports broadcasters (Pat O’ Brien, Brent Musburger).

The entertainment field builds celebrity in movies, television, modeling (Sofia Vergara, Adriana Lima), art (Andy Warhol), radio personalities (Howard Stern), pundits (Bill O’Reilly, Bill Maher), news anchors (Katie Couric, Anderson Cooper), comedians (David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres), and others who are famous because they simply hang out with famous folks (Kim Kardashian, Chaz Bono, and any Kennedy).


In addition to a sports- or entertainment-related figure, what kind of “celebrity” aligns well with your business, your clients or your prospects?

Often, the best fit for a business aligning to a celebrity is due to a shared experience or belief.  While Tebow’s exploits on the football field have gained him well-deserved respect, it is his authentic position on religious beliefs that makes for an effective fit with Cincinnati Christian University.  CCU has never fielded a football team and the bookstore has sold T-shirts that announce with pride “CCU Football – Undefeated Since 1924” which is the year of the founding of the college!

How Does a Business Owner Leverage Star Power?

  • Invite them to your business to speak – it will likely be pricey…$10-50K
  • Buy their books/DVDs and give them to customers
  • Get photos taken with them at industry-related events and display them in your office or place of business
  • “Like” them on Facebook to find out where they may be speaking in the future and invite your prospects to the event
  • Follow them on Twitter so you can quote them to your employees, clients and prospects

One of my clients, Dan Hypes, co-founder of LifePlan Financial Group, has an impactful display in his office that includes photos of Dan with President George W. Bush, President Bill Clinton, First Lady Laura Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Ben Stein, James Carville, Mary Matalin and Bobby Knight. Pretty impressive bunch of folks!

What celebrities have you had your picture taken with?

Tell me about it below…

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10 comments on “Tim Tebow Lands @ CCU
  1. Don Kennedy says:

    I have had the chance to meet a lot a famous people… but I have always felt “funny” asking for a picture with them. Maybe it is because that isn’t how I would want to be treated if I were in their shoes? Or maybe displaying too many of such pictures would be like “name dropping?” What do you guys think?

    • Chris Blair says:

      I agree to a degree. I’ve always felt that way about myself, but don’t seem to see it that way with others.

    • Don – I agree that I’ve felt awkward about asking for a photograph. Often, there is an environment set up where the Celebrity is set for photo taking. I would never ask for a photo if we found someone sitting in a restaurant (just going about living their life). So there is an appropriate time and place.

    • I don’t think it is really “name dropping” if the photos you have are with respected people that are well aligned with your business. For example, on the Marketing Accelerator Facebook page in the photo album called Perry Marshall – 4 Man Intensive, I have a photo with Perry ( that was taken after spending two days together at his home working on my business strategy. As you will see, it is a very casual photo (bare feet for both of us). So you can have formal photos and informal ones. They both say something about the relationship that you have with the person in the photo…and yes, I drop Perry’s name all the time. He gave me a testimonial that is on the home page of my website.

  2. Carol Venn says:

    I took a picture of my son, Michael with George W. Bush when he was governor of Texas. We met him at Rangers Stadium, and George was very gracious about the photo opportunity. I had the picture enlarged, and when we saw him at the Ranger’s game again, he willing autographed it for Michael.

    • Carol – This is a good example where a politician attending a public event is probably fairly open to having photos taken. If he was in a private booth, then that’s another matter. Thanks for your contribution!

      • Carol Venn says:

        George W. Bush was very encouraging to have me take a picture with him and my son. It was cute when he shook my son’s hand, and said “I bet you are a pitcher for you have a good grip”.
        Thanks for responding.

  3. Carol Venn says:

    Rick Santorum was at The Manor House in Mason last fall, and as I was shaking his hand that photo-shot was in the Enquirer the following day.

  4. John Daniell says:

    Obviously there is a time and place for everything. I think famous people understand how others look at them and are fine posing for pictures with others. There’s also a difference between meeting a celebrity at an event where photo opportunities are quite natural and going to church and getting to know a professional athlete or entertainer.

    I’ve misplaced my picture with Drew Dinkelacker or would post it here.


  5. Lee Kresser says:

    Although few people would even want to have their picture taken with me, I have found it fascinating that I have had so many interesting people on my radio program. Their vocal signature has been a lot of fun, and when I announce them in the blogosphere, I get linked to them. What a riot. One time in June, I had Lloyd Marcus from the Tea Party on, and he said my monologue on the historical Tea Party connecting to the current Tea Patry was one of the best He’s even heard. I need to have another look at branding, though. Thanks for the post, Drew.

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