Tornadoes and Lead Generation

Leverage the Uncontrollable for Leads

The recent tornados are a reminder of the unpredictable nature of events in our world.  Everyone should have a plan for safety.  Business owners should have a plan to quickly deliver value to their prospects and customers when something unpredictable happens.

On January 22, 2012, the Greater Cincinnati area experienced overnight winds in excess of 50 MPH.  On January 23, I got the following email from Don Kennedy of ProMaster Home Repair (also a Marketing Accelerator™ client):

Quite an unusual storm we had
last night! Thought you might
want to read this quick article,
“How to Spot Wind Damage to Your
Roof.”  You can access that
article here.
Take Care,
Don Kennedy
ProMaster Home Repair
513-724-0539 |

This is an excellent marketing tactic.  A short, simple email with perfect timing that brings value to me, the homeowner.  Consider the lead generation possibilities from this email:

If I check for wind damage and find some:
• I am likely to call ProMaster
• I am likely to check my neighbors’ homes across
the street, too

If I check for wind damage and find nothing:
• I have peace of mind and value the information
from ProMaster
• I am still likely to check my neighbors’ homes (I’m just that
kind of guy)

Even if I take no action from this email:
• As a homeowner, I appreciate the “heads up” and education
for taking care of my home
• I am likely to read the next email from ProMaster since the
previous one was timely, relevant and valuable.
• I’m still equipped to talk about checking for wind damage
around the water cooler in the office

What do you need to leverage the next big unpredictable event?
• A developed communication tool (email list/Facebook
fans/Twitter followers)
• A valuable resource that your prospect pool will appreciate
(this is NOT sales material but actionable information…and
• Consider your resources and what kind of event would tie
into it well (winds @ 50+ MPH  = wind damage)

Unpredictable Event Ideas
• Below Zero Temperatures: Imagine if your insurance
agent gives you a heads up via Facebook post that it will be
below zero overnight and suggests you to leave your faucets
dripping to avoid costly frozen pipes.
• High Gas Prices: Your auto mechanic shoots out an email
that recommends checking your tire pressure to maximize
gas mileage and points out the location of the cheapest gas in
the city.
• Celebrity Funeral: An attorney outlines the simple ways to
avoid the legal problems experienced by a celebrity’s family
due to a poorly constructed will.  By the way, this makes for
a really good press release, too.

Predictable Event Ideas
• Celebrity Wedding:  Your florist snags a photo of the fancy
centerpieces used in a recent celebrity wedding, identifies
the various elements used and explains why it works so well.
She even offers a basic blueprint on putting it together and
suggests sharing it with those in your network who are
• ACT/SAT Testing Taking Time: Your financial adviser
emails 5 strategies for improving your student’s ACT/SAT
scores along with private and online tutoring resources.
Also included are 3 financial steps to take to get on the path
of a debt-free college experience.

Questions to Ask Yourself
• What great insider knowledge do you have?
• Are there simple, but valuable resources available to back up
your insider knowledge like a web link or download?
• What event might happen that would make that information
much more relevant and valuable to your prospects?

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2 comments on “Tornadoes and Lead Generation
  1. Chris Blair says:

    Great Thoughts, Drew! Very insightful.

  2. John Daniell says:

    Thanks for this insight Drew. Reading this article helped me to realize I need to proactively think about events that will happen in the future now. Don may have already had the short email pointing to the wind damage article written in advance just waiting for the right time to send it out. All the “Unpredictable Events” you listed will happen. We just don’t know when.

    Maybe I can do the same?

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