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4 Trumpisms to Apply To Your Business

My father owned Carl’s Barbers in the gaslight district of Clifton for over 30 years. I was raised knowing what a quality haircut looks like which is just one reason I am not a fan of Donald Trump. But I have to admit that Trump has injected an energy into the primary race. Below are 4 Trumpisms that business owners can apply to impact their marketing.

****This is not a political commentary ****

Who is Donald Trump afraid of?

  • Jeb Bush? No.
  • Hillary Clinton? No.
  • Political correctness? No.

People that exhibit no fear gain others’ attention.

What are you afraid of?

  • Failure?
  • Success?
  • Your Competition?
  • Government regulation?

How would you operate differently if you had no fear of that fear?


Donald TrumpWhether it is a debate, speech or press conference, Trump’s goal is to get media coverage. He succeeds at this because he consistently delivers hyperbole that attracts Donald Trump news. He is not concerned with explaining his platform or articulating how he transitioned from one position to another.

Time after time, I’ve seen business owners that have strong strategies, a budget and a solid marketing plan, only to falter when it comes to executing the plan on a timely basis. It is true that the devil is in the details, and this applies to the fine points of marketing execution. Every good marketing plan must be executed well to have its desired impact. Don’t stop short of the finish line. Trump never does.

****This is not a political commentary ****


The content of Trump’s message is simple. He is giving voice to what his supporters are thinking. No other candidate is willing to do this. Trump supporters are not looking for a detailed platform. They are not looking for someone who knows how to swing between various groups of people and talk to them like a friend.

What are the voices in your prospect’s head that you can give voice to?

  • Can you give voice to their fears?
  • Can you state what they are feeling? I’m not recommending Trump’s trail of personal attack.
  • Can you speak to what prospect’s hate about your industry? Do you have a common enemy?


Trump is a master at PR (public relations). He hasn’t spent a dime on advertising though he is one of the richest candidates to have ever run in a primary. To leverage the power of PR you have to:

  • Donald TrumpHave something unique to say or do
  • Say or do it in a unique way

Once you have accomplished this, then you can leverage the power of social media which lights up the word-of-mouth strategy. If you are saying or doing what everyone else is saying or doing, there will be no potency to your word-of-mouth efforts.

****This is not a political commentary ****


Donald Trump took a shot with no fear (Trumpism #1) at Carly Fiorina saying, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?” Fiorina just released a 60 second spot call “Look at this Face” which flips the whole point on its head. Check it out. Trump got trumped.

Look At This Face

Have you applied any Trumpisms in your marketing strategy? Tell me about it in the comments below.

****Did I mention that this is not a political commentary ****

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