Under Achievement @ Super Bowl LI

What Were They Thinking?

Some Constructive Criticism

I hesitate a little bit when critiquing the best work of my colleagues, but sometimes I just have to ask myself, “What were they thinking?”

GoDaddy – Internet

The first words on this spot are, “Hi. I’m the internet,” and they go by really fast. If you miss these words, then this spot makes absolutely no sense. I had to play it twice just to confirm the words. If you think the market is paying close attention to your message, then it will cost you because they are not! The old marketing mantra still applies…tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them.

Squarespace – John Malkovich

I find John Malkovich to be an intriguing and memorable character in any role he plays. He is a great choice for Squarespace. In this spot, the dot com for his name is already taken which leads to great frustration. The call to action is to “Get Your Name Before Its Gone.” That sounds great, but GoDaddy pushed this message hard 10 years ago in 2007’s Superbowl with “I Own You.” Squarespace seems really late to the party for a company that positions itself as very hip and advanced.

KFC Gold – Colonel vs Colonel

I get that the new honey mustard chicken is golden, but frankly don’t get the rest of this spot. I’ve asked a few people of a different generation and gender, and they didn’t get it either. I’m sticking with Extra Crispy.

The Saga of the Cream Horn

creamhornWhenever I see a cream horn I always think, “Yum, that looks really good.” But when I bite into one, I am consistently left wanting…it’s too sweet, it’s stale, has lost its crunch, etc. My experience is that no cream horn has ever met my built-up expectation. And so it goes with certain Super Bowl commercials. The build up is AWESOME, and then they reveal the product and you go, “Meh”…and that is the cream horn effect.

The 2017 Cream Horn Award Goes To…


This spot starts with an awesome visual effect using live talking, celebrity yearbook images encouraging you to follow your dreams. It is inspirational, serious and funny all at the same time. A wonderful build up about your life’s dreams that are worthy of spending a lifetime chasing…and the payoff is that you should chase your dreams in a Honda CRV. Really? They don’t even give a reason why a Honda CRV will help you chase your dream. This spot made me want to go buy a cream horn. It would have been more satisfying. What were they thinking?

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