VP Debate – Election Strategies For Your Business

How to Lead Customers in Delivering Compelling Testimonials

Testimonials can be positive or negative. Powerful testimonials must be planned and well executed. To get these powerful testimonials, you must lead the customer through the testimonial process.

A recent and dynamic example is the VP Debate. Tim Kaine was well prepared in leading Mike Pence down the road to create a compelling negative message about Donald Trump. This was so well executed, that I believe that from the Democrats’ perspective, the purpose of the VP Debate was to create this video:

In just 48 hours after the debate, this well-produced video hit the Internet. I’m fairly confident that this spot was on a story board well before the debate. Support video was collected, a script written, and Kaine showed up with a list of questions inquiring of Pence to defend Trump’s statements. The only thing left to procure were Mike Pence’s head-nodding reactions and debate denials. As soon as the debate ended, the editing of the spot began.

Business owners can procure compelling testimonials with similar advanced planning.

  • Identify the areas of your strengths or your competition’s weak points.
  • Identify which prospects are going be willing to respond to these points. Customers either complain about your competition or tell you what they love about you. You know where your customers stand.
  • Request their specific feedback – Ask your selected customers to make a specific statement about a strength or weakness they are familiar with. This avoids the dreaded “They’re great!” testimonial that is worthless to a new prospect.
  • Capture their feedback – You could ask for an email response or one printed on letterhead, depending on what your market values.
  • Lead them – Say to your customers “Based on our previous conversations, I’m looking for a testimonial that addresses the speedy response of our customer service team. I don’t want to put words in your mouth, but based on what you shared with me previously, I am thinking something like ‘Normal industry response times are 48 to 72 hours. I was stunned with the 12 hour response from ABC Company. They said they were the fastest. And that was my experience!‘ Do you think you could take a few moments and write us a testimonial about customer service?”
  • In my experience 60% of the time, your customer will say, “That sounds great. Can I use what you just said?”

And now have a customized, authentic testimonial that is compelling toward your strength or your competition’s weakness. Do your homework, get prepared to ask for specific testimonials…they rarely happen by accident.

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One comment on “VP Debate – Election Strategies For Your Business
  1. Jim Kummer says:

    This is a great post and it sure seems like you are correct. This election makes me sick for our country. Its a shame that the Republican party is so weak that they let this guy prevail. Believe it or not, I think Hilary will be a lot worse for our country. The government doesn’t make productive jobs, the people that invest in business do.

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