Where can YOU get some PR?

To marketers, PR means Public Relations.
For non-marketers, PR means Puerto Rico.

In April, I got some great PR as a guest on American Dreamers Talk Radio on 55KRC & iHeartRadio. As usual, we talked about one of my favorite topics…Super Bowl commercials. But at the end of the podcast, I share the story that I tell every budding entrepreneur who is trying to decide whether to go in business for themselves or not.

It is the story of “The Corral.”  You can listen to the podcast here. It starts at 39:50.

American Dreamers Talk Radio is a talk radio show dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. Every week they meet with interesting guests who have a story to tell. Their trials and tribulations can help anyone struggling to start or run a business.

American Dreamers Talk Radio is always on the lookout to interview interesting business people – you can reach out to them via their “Be A Guest” form.

If you take time to do a little bit of research, opportunities abound for savvy business owners looking for a little PR – seek occasions where you can speak or sit on a panel or lead a breakout session. Chambers, conferences and trade shows are a good place to start. Look for chances to be interviewed like I was!

Good news!

The Marketing Accelerator Round Table is accepting applications now for the upcoming session that begins in September!  I lead this exclusively marketing-focused Round Table that meets just six times over the next year. These are power packed sessions with a group of other marketing leaders.  There are many benefits to the Marketing Accelerator Round Table:

  • Stop second-guessing yourself
  • Preview a campaign before rolling it out to your own company’s leadership
  • Learn from other’s failed marketing attempts

If joining a marketing-focused round table intrigues you, then invest two minutes in yourself to get the details and value of this experience…Check it out!

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